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For more than 30 years Frey Watertech has been a leading producer of oil water separators.

Our clients are leading producers of precast concrete tanks and/or tanks made of other materials e.g. polyethylene (PE)

Frey separators are produced in different sizes and have been used in various fields such as in petrol stations, car parks, car washes, garages, airports, industrial plants etc... The feedback of our clients regarding ease of maintenance and smooth operation is extremely positive.

Frey separators fulfill the requirements of the European Standard EN 858 Class I and II and are tested in our own testing site.

Frey Watertech owns a number of patents but the ultimate aim is to manufacture a product that is easy to maintain and works smoothly over many years.

Free standing

Free standing
polyethylene (PE) separators
Oil accidents can cause enormous damages. Only a few droplets of oil can spoil several thousand liters of drinking water and cause damage to Flora and Fauna.

Frey Watertech free standing separators can be quickly dispatched to the site of an accident thereby limiting the damages. 

oil discharge

Automatic oil discharge valve
In various applications you will find large amounts of oil. In this case you can reduce the cost of maintenance and waste disposal by installing a Frey Watertech automatic discharge valve.

This valve will take off the oil accumulated inside your tank and conduct it to a separate vessel that can be located inside or outside your separator. The oil can be easily removed from this vessel.


Bypass systems
In case of a high variance in the inlet flow and when low amounts of oil can be expected in high flow conditions it is not economical to design the oil separator to the maximum flow condition.

In this case a Frey Watertech bypass system can be supplied. Flows up to the design flow of the Frey Watertech oil separator will be conducted through the separator. Any flow exceeding the design flow will be conducted via a bypass duct directly into the discharge duct of the separator.

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